You will always be a guiding star to DoA, Madam Director.

Last Updated on July 19, 2021 by DoA

Ms Kinlay Tshering who served in various positions within the department has been transferred as a Director to the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC) considering her proficient technical competencies and dedication to work.

Prior to her transfer, she was the Director of the Department of Agriculture. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Horticulture from the University of London, Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science and a Masters Degree in Horticulture from Melbourne University, Australia. She also holds a number of certificates in leadership courses, most prominent ones being the Senior Executive Leadership Program, Bhutan Executive Services Training, New Leaders Development Program, International Visitors Leadership Program, etc. She started her career as a researcher from the remotest research centre in Bhutan in 1998 and having worked as a researcher for over 12 years, she joined the Department of Agriculture as the Chief Horticulture Officer. In November 2016, she became the first lady Director of the Department of Agriculture.

Madam Director will be remembered forever for her significant contribution to agriculture and rural development. She was extremely dedicated and committed towards agriculture. As a director, she revitalized the research governance in the country that determines effective implementation of plans and actions through forums such as Variety Release Committee (VRC), Technology Release Committee (TRC), Agriculture Research Coordination Meeting (ARCM) and Program Coordination Committee Meetings (PCCM). The department gained a lot from her technical knowledge and provided agriculture leadership par excellence.

Your contribution formed us. We feel sad to see you go but we are equally delighted that the new environment will gain in terms of an incredible leader. You are irreplaceable and a real inspiration to every one of us. THANK YOU.

The DoA fraternity extends our heartiest congratulation and Tashi Delek on your transfer to DAMC.


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