Sensitization and Consultation Meeting on Developing the Competency Based Framework for Agriculture Supervisor

Sensitization and consultation meeting at NSSC Conference hall, Semtokha on 18th November 2021.

The Department of Agriculture led by the task force members have conducted several rounds of sensitization and consultation meetings( in person and virtually)  to develop the Competency Based Framework(CBF) for Agriculture Supervisor from 18th November 2021 to 1st December 2021 with all the Central Programs (NPPC, NSSC, NSC, NPHC, NMC), Agriculture Research and Development Centres (Bajo, Wengkhar, Samtenling), National Centre for Organic Agriculture, Yusipang and all the 20 Dzongkhags. The participants includes Agriculture Officials of Supervisory(S) and Senior Supervisory(SS) positions and the respective Program Directors and the Dzongkhag Agriculture Officers.The main objectives of the program is to sensitize the officials on the importance of developing the CBF Framework, to get the feedbacks and recommendations based on the task force findings and to exchange informations, ideas and experiences sharing among the multi-stakeholders.

The CBF was introduced by the RCSC to enhance and strengthen the capacity and capabilities of civil servants through different competency development interventions considering the existing performance gaps. The initiatives will not only help in recognizing the key knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform duties and responsibilities effectively in an organization but also guide them in enhancing their performance and behaviours at the workplace.

Sensitization and consultation at ARDC-Bajo

Virtual meeting with ARDC-Wengkhar region and NCOA-Yusipang region   

Virtual meeting with ARDC-Samtenling and its client Dzongkhags