Competency Based Framework for Agriculture Officer

The Department of Agriculture is pleased to publish the Competency Based Framework (CBF) for the Agriculture Officers as per the initiative of the Royal Civil Service Commission(RCSC).The publication is now available at DoA or can be downloaded from this link given here: Competency Based Framework for Agriculture Officer

Training Manual for Hydroponics Farming Technology

The training manual for hydroponics farming technology is published by the Agriculture Research and Extension Division, Department of Agriculture to encourage interested youths, entrepreneurs, farmers and others to learn and promote the technology in the field. The reference document is now available in DoA website: or at find at this link Hydroponics Training Manual_19.4.2021

Jangdung farmers makes good income from winter chilli and plans to expand further

Posted on: 08 June 2021

Updates: With a technical and input backstopping from Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector and ARDC Sub-center Lingmithang , Jandung Gayza Dejung Detshen, a group of 19 active members in Jangdung village under Saling Gewog, Mongar ventured into winter chilli production on 2.5 acres of wetland in the paddy fallow system. The group tried with the cultivation of Indian hybrid chili variety SHP 2448 for the first time to meet the chili shortage during the off season. Read more

Bumthang strawberry outreach found to be promising!

Posted on: 08 June 2021

Updates: Bumthang Dzongkhag with its suitable climate for soft fruits like strawberry could take up commercial scale straw berry production. Currently, there are only few farmers on commercial scale due to which it is an expensive fruit and moreover, the volume is so low that not much comes to in the local market.

In order to provide a viable income source for farmers, ARDC Wengkhar in 2019-20 with the Dzongkhag and gewog agriculture sector began an introduction program for Sweet Charlie variety propagated at ARDSC Khangma from the mother stock maintained at the subcentre. A total of some 1500 seedlings were distributed to 5 farmers. Read more

Nanong Gewog in Pemagatshel starts Winter Chilli Planning

Posted on: 08 June 2021

Updates: In Pemagatshel Dzongkhag, Nanong, Shumar, Dechenling and Norbugang gewogs are the winter chilli growing areas. The Dzongkhag has planned winter chilli production on 65 acres in the FY 2021-22 .

Fresh chili scarcity in local markets starts from December till March. In suitable locations, the Dzongkhag is expediting a winter chilli production targeting to harvest from December onwards. Nanong Geog is the first to start planning for first staggered transplanting that begins in July this year.

The Geog Agriculture Extension Centre at Nanong has started preparing nursery in Zingri, Nanong on about an acre of land. A total of six sites covering 8 acres with 40 farmers are identified in Nanong for winter chilli and tomato cultivation. The chilli variety SHP 4884 and tomato variety PS 61 which are both hybrid varieties were tested earlier in the geog for cultivation. Read more

Online: Video clips on RNR technologies

IHPP-JICA under ARDC Bajo has come up with video clips on the latest RNR technologies to disseminate to extension staff, youth entrepreneurs and farmers among others.

Please visit the following links to get some farming knowledge:

1. How to make Bran Bokashi?

2. How to make Biochar?

Read more

2021 Summer Monsoon Press Release

The National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology (NCHM) released the summer monsoon outlook for (June-July-August-September) 2021. The rainfall for the summer monsoon will be normal with maximum and minimum temperature predicted to range between normal to slightly above normal. Further, the summer monsoon outlook has to be used along with daily weather forecast and extended range forecast issued by NCHM. As an important climate sensitive sector, the department actively participates in SASCOF and NCOF and communicates the forecast to the community level users.

For more details, please refer the NCHM website or contact Agrometeorology Program of the Department.

e-RNR Crop Advisory: A one-stop platform for farming

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests has come up with an e-RNR Crop Advisory, a mobile app targeting the Bhutanese youths to help them take up farming for their livelihoods. The app is an easy platform to disseminate information on know-how of growing agricultural crops through textual, picture and video contents. The app currently hosts farming information on four crops such as tomato, chilli, cabbage and cauliflower highlighting how to grow them starting from nursery management to harvesting. More crop information will be added with time.

This app, the first of its kind in the Ministry, will play an important role in encouraging our people, particularly youths to take up farming. The Ministry is putting in concerted effort to encourage people to produce more and contribute towards the import substitution of agricultural products. Read more