Roles & Functions on Land Related Services:

  1. To facilitate Land Conversion requests
  2. To support Land lease field verification
  3. To support Land Exchange field verification
  4. To process land clearance approvals of the private agriculture lands under tree cover.
  5. To provide information and advice on land related issues

Brief History on Land Conversion Facilitation:

1997 : Coordinated by Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs
1998 – 2003 : Land Unit, Policy and Planning Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
2004  – to date : Land Management Section, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Lead, guide and co-ordinate technical assessment of Chhuzhing conversions requested by clients through the Dzongkhags.
  2. Conduct and lead field verification by a team consisting of irrigation engineer, soil surveyor, geog extension agent and gup or tshokpa. Compile all Field verification reports using Form III for submission to the Land Conversion Committee.
  3. Plan and organize the Land Conversion Committee Meetings with guidance from the Department and the Chairman of the Committee.
  4. Convey the decisions of the Land Conversion Committee Meetings to the NLC and the Clients.
  5. Follow up and monitor the implementation of the conversions.
  6. Attend to clients concerning their requests and questions.
  7. Maintain office records of the conversion cases for future reference. Maintain relevant data on arable land use, land protection and management practices.
  8. Assist and facilitate land acquisition related issues of the Department.
  9. Participate and engage in the Land Management Programmes of the Department, including land development initiatives and land related policies. Participate in the formulation of land development strategies and plans.
  10. Lead the monitoring and evaluation of land related development programmes. Support assessment of land use, land conversions, and monitor land use related problems through field visits and consultations.
  11. Prepare work plans and progress report. Perform, guide and supervise subordinates and support need-based research on arable land related issues.
  12. Act as member secretary in land protection and management committee at the MoAF.

Karma Galay
Land Management Supervisor

Tshering Yangdon
Land Management Assistant