e-RNR Crop Advisory: A one stop platform for farming

Last Updated on November 24, 2020 by DoA

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests has come up with an e-RNR Crop Advisory, a mobile app targeting the Bhutanese youths to help them take up farming for their livelihoods.

The app is an easy platform to disseminate information on know-how of growing agricultural crops through textual, picture and video contents.

The app currently hosts farming information on four crops such as tomato, chilli, cabbage and cauliflower highlighting how to grow them starting from nursery management to harvesting. More crop information will be added in the coming time.

The app, the first of its kind in the Ministry will play an important role in encouraging our people, particularly youths to take up farming. The Ministry is putting up a concerted effort to encourage people to produce more and contribute towards the import substitution of agriculture products.

With COVID-19 pandemic situation, the app comes as a rescue to many interested individuals who want to grow vegetables and make a difference in their own little way.

The content for the app is developed by the Information and Communication Technology Division in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Agriculture and Research Development Centres at Yusipang, Bajo and Wengkhar with funds from EU-TACS.  The technical support for the app was provided by Sunrise Computer Software Pvt. Ltd in Pune, India.

The crop advisory app is available on Google play store for download and works only on Android phones for now. For others, the multimedia content (text and video) can be accessed on the Ministry’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/MoafGovBt

Please click the link to know how to install the App https://youtu.be/16VQAUcjfVw

If you encounter any issue during the App installation, please contact ICTD at Tel. No. 323765/321142/321311


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