Crop and livestock loss assessment methodology

Last Updated on September 21, 2021 by DoA

Agriculture and food security is likely to face one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century with climate crisis. Bhutan is already experiencing crop and livestock loss to unusual outbreaks of pest and diseases, erratic rainfalls, windstorms, hail storms, droughts, flash floods and landslides. However, the information on crop and livestock loss as a result of climate hazards is currently limited. Lead by the Department of Agriculture, we are currently reviewing crop and livestock loss methodologies for consistent tracking, measurement of losses against climate change variability in order to integrate into planning processes.

As depicted in the photo shared by Mr. Kinley Namgay (ADAO, Dagana Dzongkhag), the crop and livestock loss to climate related disaster is complex and the department would like to invite comments to develop an inclusive and holistic proposal. The working group from Department of Agriculture and Department of Livestock recently concluded field consultation in selected dzongkhags. The taskforce members will meet again in October to develop a SOP. The activity is assisted by supporting climate resilience and transformational change in the agriculture sector of Bhutan funded by Green Climate Fund.