Capacity building program-Promotion of Enterprises in the RNR Sector of Bhutan

Realizing the importance and potential of RNR enterprises in income generation, employment creation, and import substitution, RNR Enterprise development is emphasized in the 12th FYP to assist in transition from subsistence to commercial farming. The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests envisions the establishment of enterprises in the RNR sector of the country as one of the means to bring transformation in the Bhutanese Agricultural system.

The Agriculture Production Division under the Department with the financial support from the World Food Program (#WFP) and KOICA successfully conducted a 6 days (4th to 9th October, 2021) stakeholder’s workshop at Bumthang on promoting enterprises in the RNR sector of the country. The workshop was conducted with the objectives of :

  • Identifying potential RNR enterprises around the country (as per the existing commodity production statistics and potential to substitute import).
  • Identifying supplementary potential enterprises in the entire supply chain (production, aggregation and distribution)
  • Comprehending the know-how of establishing an enterprise in the RNR sector.
  • Understanding the concept of Research and Development in an agro-industry (value addition, sensory evaluation, market trials, packaging and marketing).
  • Understanding finance/investment sourcing (cost Sharing mechanism, process on availing grants and loans from financial institutions).
  • Understanding the process of certifications and other standard requirements in establishing an enterprise in the RNR sector of the country.

A total of 38 participants with diverse expertise and background attended the workshop. There were representations from the World Food Program, Agriculture Production Division, Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, Dzongkhag Economic Development Sector, National Post Harvest Centre and the National Organic Flagship Program. Experts and guest speakers from the Department of Cottage and Small Scale Industries, Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives, Department of Livestock and the National CSI Bank also joined for interactive sessions with the participants.


Contributed by:

Mr. Dorji Rinchen, Dy.Chief Post Production Officer.