Agromet Advisory for Southern Dzongkhags

Please click the link to view the agromet advisory for southern dzongkhags (15-17th June, 2022). This advisory is prepared by the agromet focal at ARDC Samtenling based on the weather forecast provided by NCHM and in consultation with other subject specialists.

Weather Agro-adviosry Bulletin for 15-17 June 22

PRESS RELEASE: Completion of one million fruit tree plantation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in partnership with the De-Suung National Service (DNS)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in partnership with the De-Suung National Service has embarked on DNS: Million Fruit Tree Plantation as three-month project starting from 15th March, 2022. The fruit trees were granted as Royal Soelra to the farmers with the vision of enhancing income and uplifting the rural livelihood.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the completion of one million fruit trees plantation. As of 10th June, 2022, about 1,019,785 number of fruit seedlings were planted and the project is completed ahead of the completion deadline which is 15th June, 2022. In the temperate region, 409,401 number of fruit saplings were planted and similarly, in the sub-tropical region, 605,384 number of saplings were planted. The assorted fruit saplings were also distributed to the five National Service Academy sites, and about 5000 number of Chemshings (bodhi tree) were also distributed and planted in seven Dzongkhags, based on past survival indications. All the  saplings planted were Geo-coded using Mobile Operation Data Acquisition platform for ease of monitoring and follow-up interventions in future. Click here for the MFTP press release.

Agrometeorological Advisory for Monsoon 2022

The agrometeorology program under the Department of Agriculture is pleased to issue the following advisories for monsoon 2022:


Publication of Bhutanese Journal of Agriculture (BJA) Volume 5, Issue I (2022)

The Department of Agriculture is pleased to release the fifth volume of the Bhutanese Journal of Agriculture (BJA), Issue 1. The Department would like to thank all the authors, reviewers and editorial board members for their valuable contribution and for putting in extra effort to publish this edition successfully.

This volume comprises 16 interesting articles that involve research and findings on a range of subjects from crop germplasm evaluation, and testing of the innovations for our most sought-after clients – the farmers, to postharvest processing. Engaging research findings on rice, maize, finger millet, buckwheat, adzuki bean, dill, tomato, kiwi-fruit, citrus and apple that reflect the innovation, enthusiasm and hard work of our researchers are also covered.  With innovation from the AMC, farmers can now maneuver power-tillers up to 20 degrees gradient to mechanize more land for food production. For automation enthusiasts – a remote monitoring and control system for hydroponic may make for an exciting read.

The journal is published by the Agriculture Research and Extension Division (ARED), Department of Agriculture. We are also in the process of registering our journal for DoI and we hope to have a membership subscription for BJA and DoIs for its content including back issues soon.

Click here for BJA Volume 5 Issue 1.  The open access to BJA is also available at

We wish you happy reading!

Release of Vegetable Research and Development Strategy 2023-2027

The publication titled ‘ Vegetable Research and Development Strategy 2023-2027’ was released and it is now available for download from the ‘Publication’ link of the DoA Website or at

De-suung National Service: A Million Fruit Tree Plantation Project

Inspired by His Majesty’s vision, the De-suung National Service in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is undertaking “A Million Fruit Tree Plantation Project” in Bhutan. This project was launched on 15th March 2022 at Yusipang, Thimphu Dzongkhag by Lyonpo Yeshey Penjor, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests.

This initiative will help 140,827 rural farming households throughout the country to plant at least one million fruit trees. Its objective is to introduce technically suitable diverse high-value fruit crops to enhance the income of rural households. 22 assorted fruits have been selected.

The program will also skill De-suups in fruit crop management. The 233 De-suups who have been trained in land preparation for fruit tree plantation and management will now lead 1,334 De-suups for planting 439,804 temperate fruit trees and 1,991 De-suups for planting 560,495 subtropical fruit saplings.  Read more

Promotion of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in Bhutan

As food safety issues are increasing around the world, the consumers are demanding safer and healthy food. Consumers are now more aware of the negative impacts on our health from consumption of produces with high chemical content consequential from unregulated use of pesticides and other chemicals. Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) is one of the agriculture production systems which ensures quality and safety of the produce.  Good Agriculture Practices, as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), are a “Collection of principles to apply for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food and non-food agricultural products, while taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability”. The GAP supports the Department of Agriculture’s long-term goal of commodity focused commercialization drive and pursuit of enterprise development in agriculture through unlocking barriers in international trade besides providing safer food in local market. Read more

Re-announcement of vacancy for the post of Advisor


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce vacancy for the post of Advisor to the Department of Agriculture as detailed below:

Sl.No Position Title and Level Qualification Agency No. of Slot Super Structure
1 Advisor


M. Sc in

Relevant field

Department of Agriculture, Head Quarter  


Technical Services

Interested in-service civil servants within the same superstructure who meet the eligibility criteria may submit application to HRD, DoA or email at along with the following documents latest by March 2, 2022.

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Valid Audit Clearance
3. Valid Security Clearance
4. Medical Certificate.

For any queries, please contact at 17478676/332510 during office hours.