Key Indicators
Per capita consumption
Total farming household (%)
GDP contribution of agriculture (%)
Total agricultural land(ha)- wetland, dryland
Food self-sufficiency (%)
Rice self-sufficiency (%)
Total farm road(km)
Total irrigation channel(km)
Total length of electric fencing(km)
Total number of ASSR
Total number of greenhouse
Total number of farmers group
Total number of farm shop
Total number of commercial sites
Total number of post production technologies
Total number of farm machineries
Total food export (%)
Total food import (%)
Agro-ecological zones
Total released varieties
Total number of staff
Total RNR-Centres
Total budget outlay of 12th Plan(current & capital)
Major crops grown
Major cash crops
Total number of SAP program
Total number of research centres(ARDC)
Total number of central programs
Area under assured irrigation
Area under organic management
Total fallow land
Total fallow land brought under cultivation
Vegetable self-sufficiency
Area under farm mechanization
Agriculture enterprise based employment
Value of RNR Product exported(Nu)
Total RNR research conducted
Total RNR research technology adopted
Total number of sub centres(ARDC)