Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture is one of the oldest Government Departments in the country. It was established with the commencement of first five-year plan in 1961. Early activities focused mainly on agriculture and establishment of research stations at Yusipang and Samtenling. During 1990’s and 2000’s, the Department of Agriculture has undergone numerous institutional reorganizations. The name of the institutes and mandates therefore never remained consistent. However over the period of time the human resource and institutional capacity of the Department has been greatly strengthened.

Rice Fortification Workshop in Punakha

15-16 April, Punakha: The workshop on ‘Rice Fortification:…

Food Self-Sufficiency Assessment

22-26th March, 2021: Food Self-Sufficiency Assessment writeshop…

Fourth Agriculture Research Coordination Meeting and Launch of ADSS

16-19 March, Punakha: Agriculture officials are attending the…

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