Digitizing Bhutanese Agriculture

Bhutan’s e-RNR masterplan 2016 recognizes the critical role of ICT in the renewable natural resources sector (agriculture, livestock & forestry) and envisages an enhanced sustainable growth of RNR through the use of ICTs by 2023 for equitable socio-economic well-being of the people and the country. Access to the right information, at the right time is crucial to make informed decisions for everyone engaged in the agriculture sector. Hence the Department of Agriculture (DoA) is looking for digital transformation opportunities to address the challenges faced by farming communities through innovative IT solutions.

DoA is working with UN country office,  UNDP Global team (Singapore) and Agritask to pilot potential digital solutions in the country. Although Agritask offers a number of solutions ranging from agronomy to value addition, only few solutions will be piloted in the country at a small scale to kick start and later upscaled. Officials from the National Plant Protection Centre and National Soil Services Centre participated in the brainstorming session today. The potential solutions will be further deliberated and identified next week.

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