Notification on Safety Protocol for COVID-19 Responders

The Department is pleased to share the notification received from the Druk Gyalpo Relief Kidu Office regarding the Safety Protocol for COVID-19 Responders. The protocol has been reviewed by the Technical Advisory Group and approved by Hon’ble Soi Lyonpo. All agencies/centers are requested to strictly adhere to this Safety Protocol.   Management teams are requested to place the same on their notice boards, walls and doors of the rooms and offices for strict compliance by all the COVID-19 Responders.

Management teams are also requested to brief each and every responder on the Safety Protocol and ensure strict compliance as it is the responsibility of each individual to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

This Notice shall come into effect from 22nd August 2020.

In order to ensure compliance, a team led by the Ministry of Health will visit to inspect and monitor Center’s/Individual responder’s compliance level.

Click below for the notification

Safety Protocol for COVID-19 Responders

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