Internship program

With increasing number of farmers taking up mushroom cultivation, the demand for spawn has also increased immensely. NMC and the spawn units under various ARDCs find it very difficult to fulfill spawn demand. It is therefore time to bring in private spawn makers to fill the gap, and this will feature as a regular activity. One such activity has been just completed.

A total of five interns, three from Chimipang Royal Project and two private spawn producers, attended a training program from 8th to 12th June 2020 at NMC, Wangchutaba. The objective of the training was to impart the basic knowledge and skills of mushroom spawn production to the participants.

The training program covered the following topics:

  • Lab sanitation and hygienic treatment
  • Agar media preparation and tissue culture
  • Selection and preparation of mother cultures
  • Grain media preparation and inoculation
  • Mother spawn preparation (both shiitake & oyster mushroom)
  • Sawdust media preparation and inoculation
  • Autoclaving process of different media (agar, grain & sawdust)
  • Briefing on National Mushroom Spawn Standards
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